Monday, March 16, 2009

good morning

Mark 1:35
"And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went out to a desolate place, and there he prayed."

i doubt if Jesus had a nice cup of coffee to sip on, or a big comfortable chair to lounge in... but i have definitely found my desolate place this morning. my "secret place" if you will (thanks for that one Broussard). and i found it right in my very dorm room...

this morning i woke up before the sun. its not something i normally do, but im going to try to start. Jesus did it. and im supposed to be like him. so there you go. just that simple.

i woke up and had a fresh pot of coffee brewing with that precious aroma filling my room, giving it a smell more like a coffee shop rather than its usual locker room-esque scent. i poured myself a cup, sat down in my big comfy chair (courtesy ms. Ruth) and talked to Jesus...

so technically it isnt a desolate place, but i feel alone. not in a bad way, but nick is still passed out, and the only sounds i hear are the fan and the occasional car passing on the road outside my window. i feel like im alone with God. what a cool feeling.

i would challenge everybody that reads this to get up before the sun one day this week. it feels good, after you do it once you'll want to do it again. but just try it once. die to self. die to our desire to hit that snooze until 5 minutes before class starts (my normal morning routine). Get up early and talk with God. read th word. get your day going the right way. the way Jesus did.


  1. You're good. I did your normal morning routine.
    Thanks for sharing, Mikey.

  2. hi! thanks for that challenge! i would like to do that soon.
    i am adding you to be a blog friend if that is okay! : )

    stay sticky!

  3. thanks for your encouragement mikey :) im taking you up on your challenge!