Wednesday, March 25, 2009


today God used a guy named kevin to encourage me.
(this wasnt the actual kevin that i talked to. but what ever)

he happened to be sitting at the same table in the cafeteria as some friends and i, and bec and i struck up a conversation.

i learned that he's from mandeville, and he wants to be a bio medical engineer...

after we had been talking for a while he said (referring to bec and i), "ya'll must be, like, church people or something."

to which i replied," well, what makes you say that?"

and he responded with this," i dont know... you can just tell."

thanks for the encouragement Lord.


  1. ha, that's funny. I didn't know he said that...
    : )

  2. that's encouraging to me, too.


    (and i bet k-fed would've agreed)